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What readers are saying about author Ginger Voight:   '

"Ginger Voight definitely has something special about her writing. I went into this book not knowing how I was going to like it. Ended up loving it. In true Ginger form, she got me emotionally too by the end.... one of those, what the hell just happened moments. Can't wait to read book 2." - Brandee's Book Endings

"Ginger Voight books are like crack. Read one and you'll be hooked." - Lisa K.

"In true Ginger Voight fashion, she tells a story,that gives you goosebumps, makes you think,and compelled you to keep reading. I read this in one day. I couldn't stop." - Kindle Customer

"This one was soooooooo delightfully hard on me, I couldn’t get over the drama, and I didn’t want it to stop. Simply a euphoric and often maddening rush, that could also be super sweet and touching (and not necessarily in that order)." - Maryse Book Blog

"Ginger Voight's writing has always been one that gets me from the very start." - TraciP

"Not at all what I expected. The twists and turns and emotion that is piled into this book is amazing. I'm off to find more from this author." - Reader 1

"I highly doubt I will find another book that has me dropping everything just to read one more chapter." - Becky Medina

Let me first say that I only have a handful of truly favorite authors and out of that handful, there are 3 tied for #1. Ginger Voight is one of my 3 in the #1 spot and has been there, never wavering, since I first picked up the Groupie Trilogy. This author is nothing short of amazingly talented in her profession. It's remarkably clear that Ginger Voight pours her whole heart into her work and develops the most outstanding characters who stick with you long after the back covers are closed." - Samantha Kurtz, Sammy's Book Obsession

"I've enjoyed everything this author has written." - Lillian, Kindle Customer

"A gem that I will never forget, Ginger Voight has brought her writing to a whole new level with Chasing Thunder. A storyline that grabbed onto me from the first few pages and never let me go. Even all this time later and I still think about it often." - mjlovestoread

"I love Ginger Voight's characters I can always relate to them and they always leave a lasting memory that I can learn from. I can't wait for her next book!!" -  MadBos808