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Many of Ginger's books encompass diverse, overlapping story lines, cameos and through-lines. This started as a nod to her writing hero, Stephen King, who placed Easter Eggs within his novels as a special shout-out for his diehard fans. Ginger took this idea and turned it up a notch or ten. Ultimately she's constructed an entire fictional universe where all your favorite characters are connected in the same bright, beautiful world, like a family. Below is the ideal reading order* if you want to catch up on this dynamic family tree. Each cover briefly explains genre and series info. Click on the link icon to be redirected to its Amazon page for purchase. (Short stories are always free.)

IMPORTANT NOTE RE: GENRE: "Saga" denotes those love stories that cannot guarantee a HEA, even though love wins 100% of the time. Rules will be broken. There will be cliffhangers.

*The Luck of the Irish and beyond are solo books in multiple genres, independent of the Groupie universe you've grown to love.

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